Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun of recite rhyme 3

Pupils create little story book after they recite the rhyme.

Alice Ant
Alice Ant has an apple
Alice Ant bites an apple
Alice Ant eats an apple
apple, apple, apple.

Alice Ant learns to sing
Alice likes to sing
Alice Ants loves to sing
sing, sing, sing.

Alice Ant - Little story book
1.Pupils colour the pictures
2.Pupils fold the paper into 3 parts to create a little story book.

Pupils' works.

Making Puppets

Pupils are provided with copied pictures of the characters in the story "The Hare and The Tortoise", a pair of scissors, colours, straws and double side tapes to stick the puppets. Pupils are required to make puppets. Then they retell the story using the puppets.

The characters of the story: Harry Hare, Tony Tortoise and Mojo Monkey.

Pupils coloured the pictures.
Pupils cut out the pictures carefully.

 Pupils show their puppets.

 Pupil sticked the puppets using straws and double side tape.

 Yeah! We have done!

Fun of recite ryhme 2

Pupils work together in group and create their own actions to perform the ryhme "Quick, quick, quick!"

Quick, quick, quick!
Queeny Queen, Queeny Queen,
Quick, quick, quick
Queeny Queen, Queeny Queen,
Your little one is sick.

Buzzy Bee, Buzzy Bee,
Quick, quick, quick
Buzzy Bee, Buzzy Bee,
The little one is sick.

 Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4


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