Listening and Speaking

Why is it important?
  • Listening and speaking are seen as core skills of early literacy
  • pupils should be taught how to listen carefully 
  • at every stage, the stress, rhythm and inotation patterns need to be used correctly
  • pupils need to listen carefully and respond to what others say and think
  • social conventions in listening and speaking such as turn taking, politeness and courtesy need to be observed

Proposed Activities for Listening and Speaking
  • Listen and guess the sound
        - animals (meow, moo, woof, buzz, hiss...)
            - vehicles (vroom, choo, kring, preet...)
    • Play the musical instrument and pupils make the sound
            - triangle
              - castanet

              - drum

              - guitar
      • Use body parts to produce sounds. Others guees the sound
              - clap your hands
                - stamp your feet
                - slap your thighs

                - click your tounge

                - snap your fingers
        • Tounge twisters
        • Talk about pictures
        • Listen and repeat a story
        • Listen and recite jazz chant
        • Talk to a patner
        • Whisper
        • Listen and recite rhymes or sing songs
        • Listen and follow simple instructions

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