Language Art

    • The language arts module is a culmination of the whole week’s lessons comprising listening and speaking, reading and writing.
    • It provides an opportunity for children to have fun and use the language to express themselves creatively.
    • Basically, it’s show time for pupils to produce creative works and to perform using their creative products.

    Suggested ideas and activities
    • Reciting nursery rhymes
    • Reciting poems
    • Jazz chanting
    • Sing
    • Role-play
    • Making booklets
    • Making simple puppets
    • Making masks
    • Playing language games
    Finger puppets
    Animal masks

    Hotdog book
    Accordian book

    Role play

    Why teach nursery rhymes, poems and jazz chants? 
    • Research shows that early learning of nursery rhymes and rhythmic poems, songs, and chants significantly enhances early reading skills and phonemic awareness.  Phonemic awareness  is a strong predictor of a child's reading success.
    • Phonemic awareness can be developed in children by providing them with fun, rich language experiences that encourage active exploration and manipulation of sounds through rhymes, poems and jazz chants.  These activities lead to significant gains in subsequent reading and spelling.


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