Monday, November 21, 2011

Our first hotdog booklet ^_*

Hotdog booklet is a fun and easy book that you and your children can make. They can write about a special activity or anything they enjoy. It’s handy to take in the car or put in your pocket. What you need to prepare are just a piece of A4 paper, a pair of scissors and coloured pencils. I've made hotdog booklet with my Year 1 and Year 2 pupils during English period. They were excited with the joy to write or draw something inside the 6 pages and the cover of the booklet. The books are then displayed in such a way that encourages pupils to read them. They were encouraged to read each others books too.
Teacher can try using these books for revision or as an assessment for other subjects too. Try then have fun of learning.

 Step by step...Let make the hotdog booklet together!

Picture 1 & 2 - Cover of the booklet.
Picture 3, 4, 5 & 6 - Contents of the booklet.

Cover of the booklet
Contents of the booklet
Front of the booklet
Back of the booklet
I love singing.
I like to eat cake.
Yummy Yummy
Year 1 -Ng Ai Rou
Year 1 -Edyln Lee
Year 1 -Chia Ke Xin
Year 1 -Chia Xin Ru
Year 1 -Chiong Jun Jie
Year 1 -Cheryl Chan
Year 1 -Tan Xin Yee
Year 1 -Kek Kai Ling
Year 1 -Seet Mun Yee
Year 1 -Foo Wan Jin
Year 1 -Lee Kar Qi
Year 1 -Fua Ziqiang
Year 1 -Angus Siew Jun Fai
Year 2 -Beh Yan Mei
Year 2 -Chua Hui Qi
Year 2 -Loo Zi Wei
Year 2 -Chia Zi Qi & Wai Jia Xin


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